One of the most fascinating Grand Prix in the world …  indoor just finished, definitely the best! The most sought-after, for  quality and  technical details, held during the CHI in Geneva, and part of the Rolex Grand Slam, together with Calgary and Aachen.
It was a difficult course that had only five clear rounds. Two with a penalty for time (Pedro Veniss and Laura Kraut), and many excellent ones but with four penalties, which did not allow for participating in the jump off. This was the case for our talented Emilio Bicocchi riding Sassicaia Ares, for Martin Fuchs,  Steve Guerdat, Peder Fredricsson, Eric Lamaze, Kevin Staut, winner of the Top Ten on Saturday night, and other very well respected names.
The first to enter the jump offs was Harrie Smolders riding Don VHP Z with a clear round, but without time references, and his 46.89, was improved by all of the next riders.  Smolders finished fourth in the final standings.
Second to start at the jump off was Gregory Wathelet riding Coree, scoring a clear round in 45.69, and finishing third.
Then it was the turn of Henrik Von Eckermann riding Mary Lou 194. He tried hard, scored net in 45.49, and remained second.
When the time counts it was the turn for the American rider Kent Farrington on Gazelle. In theses times Kent is a hard one to beat for anyone…  galloping against the jumps, verticals and an oxers of impressive dimensions, as if along its path there was nothing but barriers on the ground, without ever interrupting the action, and always proceeding forward! Its net, in 44.96 was worth the victory!
Finally it was the turn for the Irish rider Cian O’Connor riding the fantastic Fibonacci, which however ended with a penalty, and placed fifth in the final order.
Geneva is fascinating, a temple for the Equestrians! It is always engaging to see the best of the world compete against each other,  and watch the Italian riders defend our colors with honor.

See you next year, in Geneva! 

Susanna Fusco and Fabrizio Bonciolini

December 11th, 2017

Thanks to Alessandra Deerinck – Human Horse Sensing

For complete results:

Photo: Equideando – Kent Farrington and Gazelle

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